Like all other animals the horse is composed of a mind which sets the machine in motion. People who have a degree of confidence and have horses usually give little importance to the mind. But the mind is most important as to command the body machine, we must first command the mind.

Things a horse understands naturally and which have influence upon him. He must be taught in the same way that he learns of himself. Just as the horse learns by way of associating the idea of one thing with the idea of another, the idea of one action with the idea of another action.

So we should teach him by giving him these associations through body language, and only through movements of pressure and release. A kind look and no threats of hitting him and teaching a horse to stand still alone, taught not to be afraid, because fear is the most dangerous and evil.

We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe”. Some people make love with their eyes closed, they have their reasons. A horse is a more pleasant animal to be with when happy and feeling safe. We keep our minds alert by focusing on something.

This helps to keep us awake. We play with our thoughts. We give our minds a simple task to keep us awake, so we need to give our Horse the same treatment. A horse is easily distracted so we have to understand how to change his mind by focusing our concentration and through our body language, regain his attention.

If our mind wanders we bring it back through changing our thoughts, this we have to do on our horses, if we want them to follow simple tasks. Like going forward for instance when riding them. Your mind thinks one way and your body acts accordingly.

Your horse seems to be consciously aware of your feelings. In spite of all the feasible technological possibilities or psychological, any kind of Communication, whatever? Somehow your horse just FEELS your mood. Ride into and through your dreams… horses are in the domain of those of us who move towards the marvel of nature.

If you believe your feelings — when with someone– then you will actually feel the suns warmth from the earth that shines upwards towards and inside of you. Original energy is placed within you from an earth garden…not contributed from any of man’s religions or beliefs.

A horse feels your energy…Through your body language. Isn’t that the same as man and woman? Never become angered. Love is as strong as death but jealousy is as Cruel as the grave. Imagine a love ship that will never sink.

The safer we feel our sanity when awake or asleep with whoever we love – then what a powerful remedy they are. I cannot conceal my most common thoughts perhaps are about horses – as far as much discussion and writing can make of it, a sort of common topic for people who have a horse is to talk horse. Some of us find peacefulness and a mental veil of joy as we simply groom our horse.

We don’t have to consider anyone in those precious moments, pay no heed to life’s seriousness or emptiness. We cast aside the weary weight of responsibility and co-partnership, and have no one to scorn our efforts or impose their beliefs upon you.

“Sweet is the security of my own sense of things” Here do I say, in full belief upon my head write those words. Like the painter who can see his work upon the canvass appear clearly their where once was only the thoughts inside his head. Words are to me as a picture is to the artist framing the words.

I have written into complete recordings of my thoughts. I hold my pen as do I my tongue in supporting my ideas. From my pen flows words. I’m going to down another rum and coke me thinks and to consider what it would be like to walk in a field of angry sheep.

I shall be valiant and courageous as in life’s normal struggle we refresh our weariness and pleasantly I shall pass away the time with my horse.If there’s anything I can say with certainty about the experience of writing these pages is that I never know what I’m going to say. The elements of surprise will sometimes startle me. There’s no way to predict who or what might suddenly happen to alter our thought and dream pathways.

An orchestra of owls I hear on a moonlit night. I lay silhouetted in the moonbeam beneath the branches of a plain tree listening to the distant waters haste to be somewhere else beyond the valleys range. The twinkling stars, the dangling horseshoes on a branch gently clinked in harmony with the hanging knives and forks, I call it my forking tree.

It began to rain softly at first then with some intent on getting me wet, I retreated to the warmth of log fire and awoken dreams. Hoping a witch, riding a flying horse would visit me in the night.

“Think yet of nothing but fairyland in your dreams:
To bathe in the light of youth, hear everything in an echo of your past:
Allow yourself to forget all that’s gone, at last.
Love all that is sweet – allow none to despair your dear, dear sleep:
As one who creates within you, without being near, have courage deep:
Smile in the face of those who are blind to your faith, courage is everlasting”.

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