I specialize in building a fellowship between the horse and its owner, often a horse thinks one thing and its rider another.  When you have an objective in your life it will turn out to be better or worse depending on the route you choose to reach it and the way you negotiate that route. I aim to reach into your minds to sprinkle some of my horse sense.

So now lets get to the nitty gritty. Horses dislike ambiguity- doubt, if your signals are vague and unclear there is no way your horse will have confidence in you. You will  manage to lead him around but it will be like leading a man by his beard.

I have watched from afar as a crew of stirring aliens armed with a range of  innovative ideas and with laborious insistence dominated under the vague supervision of some persistent rubber necked horse person with a voice like a mountain canary, determinedly through a range of exhaustive forms attempt to load a horse into a trailer. I wanted to hang these people up by their ears and swat their backsides with the brush they were using.

Once your horse understands, it doesn’t take long for him to adopt—having changed his state, the horse will, without fear and with such merit of its own be far more playful, have a more tranquil spirit and indeed his confidence, curiosity, and boldness will cause him to be more courageous.

The movement of a horses body transmits a message just like when you fancy someone of the opposite sex, you watch their movements, in this way we transmit messages to each other. 

A horse is aware of its surroundings, exhibits curiosity, fear, anger and affection, when a horse acts intelligently he’s using information gathered by his senses, just as we do. 

The horse is dependent upon man for his life, horses like people vary in the amount of intelligence they are blessed with.

A horse is an individual, he has his own set of physical characteristics, his temperament and his disposition on particular days is different, just as our own are.  

Horse’s eyes are set on either side of their head, rather than in front like our own – enabling them to see a wide panorama.   

A horse can see a different picture on each side. Try to imagine being able to see two different pictures, the significance of this is, that in order for the horse to have a clear vision it must have freedom to move its neck and head. 

More on Horses……

Horses are misunderstood, a horse can chew its way through problems but they don’t really meditate long on any one thought and are able to go from a calm ‘thing ‘to a ‘highland fling’. 

‘Enough’, I speak to you as someone intimately familiar with horses. I don’t promise in just a twinkling of an eye to repair every single one of these horsey difficulties . Most ‘problems’ are simply dissolved as you are moved from the chaos of your confusion and/or fear into clarity. 

No matter what the situation is between you and horse whether it is a youngster or an older horse, an ex-racehorse or a Shetland, a stallion or a mare, I have found the  majority or a horse’s behavioral problems are either because he is in fear, uncertain, spoilt , with no direct leadership, so the animal starts to become unmanageable around people.  

During my lessons and clinics I explain the simple principles of your own body language and the concept or what is called ‘Natural Horsemanship’. I guarantee that after only a couple of hours I will build your confidence as well as your horses. To connect is magic and for me to help you make of what is called Natural Horsemanship is Fellowship of the Horse.

Fear gets in the way of mental development, he won’t hang around waiting to understand what you mean. Your horse needs to have very positive directions, it has to be clear to him that its leader is indicating a safe way of being and the horse reflects this new condition of things, beyond any question of doubt.   

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