“Life is a journey: allow your horse to take you somewhere.”

It seems to me when I watch many people and some of those people are so called professional riders or instructors. Kick the horse in the ribs to go forward and at the same time are holding onto their reins allowing no allowance for the horse to move its neck, which having its head attached that has a mouth with a metal bit inside of it with pressure against it, causes the animal to become hesitant to go in a forward direction.

In fact this forward, woe behaviour causes the horse to become confused with what the hell it is supposed to do. Some horses do a little rear up and some may do outright backward flips. 

It is downright inconsiderate of the rider to ask one thing and be afraid to do carry it out as that is the fact of it. Some riders seem afraid to actually allow their horse to go forward and so without them even realising it, they hang onto their horse’s mouth.

If you are ever watchful of people when they first mount up and ask their horse to go forward- you look at their hands next time and see if they are down and the reins have any slack in them to allow the horse to point his head into the direction he is being asked to go.

These riders are not making any considerate connection or enthusiastic response or increasing any confidence that is necessary for a horse that has a human being sitting on them. Get your partner to sit up on your shoulders and have them stick their fingers in your mouth and pull on it and at the same time kick your ribs and squeeze your sides with their knees and maybe even lean backwards. No wonder some horses shit them selves and fart or rear up as I know maybe I would if someone climbed on top of my back and yanked on my mouth.

These last twenty years or so have been the golden age of the horse because of there being enlightenment, a fresh new way has been identified, although it certainly isn’t new really just that what now is referred to as Natural Horsemanship has put a fresh spark into peoples horse awareness. You don’t have to wear a cowboy hat or leather chaps unless your partner suggests them for personal reasons and enrichment value – and you don’t have to ride in a western saddle either to have a dose of this promoted Natural Horsemanship inspiration.

A veritable explosion of articles through the modern media technologies of world awareness and movies has re-created and made it immensely popular for the horse owner to identify and to equip themselves with knowledge and tools to go and mess with their horses in ways the horse owner never before thought they could do with their own horse.

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