Me And My Horse

I LOVE THE FIELDS AND STREAMS AND TREES AND HORSES And even the fact shadows fall  on my mind giving a new strength of a desire for my priority to always be outdoors and walk with a horse in a progress to freedom – to my future existence with horses.

Years ago after a divorce I left Britain and while I was in America where I had once lived. I rode a paso fino horse I was given in a state called Montana I rode in Wyoming on a ranch then into Idaho another state – yes for many months  we lived amongst antelope and aspen trees with no fences or electric poles through valleys the size of Wales.

Then entering a pine jungle in the mountains the only sounds were of grass hoppers sort of helicoptering from one place to another.So one day you my readers shall  meet and enjoy a coffee together in life’s constant battle for peace of heart and mind as I search for a fairy circle anew in an earthly flesh and ride the path ghosts fear to tread as sunlight in our hearts will find no shadows.

An old wooden sign full of bullet holes read anaconda 53 miles – it was warm that day – from a Greek word anhydrous meaning without sweating – is a condition primarily of horses in failing to adapt to a  hot humid climate typically an anhydrous horse will pant vigorously when hot even with as a temp. as 105 deg. Despite this a horses skin will remain dry. That horse is now twenty one years old and lives in California.

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