A Fellowship Between A Horse And Its Owner


Welcome – my name is Garry Goodfellow, I am based in Flintshire, North Wales and specialise in Foundation Horse Training using Natural Horsemanship methods. I help establish a fellowship/partnership between horse and owner and therefore addresses issues like trailer loading, nervous and spooky, napping, loading or ‘no brakes’.

I specialise in helping the horse owner to feel in harmony with their horse, developing consistency, dependability and creating trust.

I was born in UK but was brought up in western Canada and the United States since I was eighteen months old and have been falling off horses ever since.

If you ride horses at some time you are going to come off them in some direction you were not planning and so my aim has always been to help horse owners have a better understanding and rewarding relationship with their best friend – the horse.



I help people to move through their individual fears as well as the horse’s fears and to be able to better understand the mind of the horse. I worked for some years on Wyoming ranches and with horse wranglers who had no particular understanding of what is now termed Natural horsemanship.

I specialise in building a fellowship between the horse and its owner, often a horse thinks one thing and its rider another.


My horse knowledge comes from 50 years of practical experience.

I specialise working with untouched, unbroken, green, fearful and challenging horses. I am an expert working with horses that have behavioural problems. Whether the issue is haltering, leading, loading, bucking, bolting, rearing, or hard to catch, I can help educate the horse and owner to understand a clearer way of communication.


The mind of the horse, is what I call – Horseanality like a person’s – Personality, signs by which he shows his ideas, his feelings and intentions. Senses, sensations, sensitiveness. A horse must be taught in the same way that he learns of himself.

To perform or not to perform is how you act on his mind and feelings, he learns and remembers with regard to his contact with man from birth. Inspiration and association between the horse and his instincts, conflicting on him many punishments which make him think we are his enemies, and make him feel the necessity of defending himself.


Foundation Training

I specialise in Foundation training on the ground. If the fundamentals are not in place, then later on down the trail bigger problems are encountered. I want the horse to understand what it is doing, not just do it.

I can help prepare your horse for riding, ready to advance towards whatever discipline intended, (ie. dressage, showjumping – which I leave to other specialists in this area) At the end of the day, you will have a well-mannered, willing and confident horse with the ability to offer softness in lateral flexion, halter and lead with leisure, walk, trot and canter, back up, sidepass and hooch the highland fling.

Whatever your horse needs, I start them online on the ground, advancing to liberty work, once the foundation is solid I move onto ridden work.

The timescale for training depends upon the horse and whatever problems he/she has, ideally I want always to involve the owner as in my experience, the root of many issues starts with a lack of clear communication between horse and its rider.

Trailer Loading is my speciality, I’ve never met a horse I have been unable to load.

The Costs

I charge £30 for a few hours. Give me a call so we can organise things, as I do three day clinics if you help me to organise them, anywhere in the country. I do love Scotland by the way.

Please use the contact information below if you would like to discuss how I can help you and your horse.

Let's Get In Touch!

Give us a call or send us an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fellowship of the Horse, Near Prestatyn, North Wales, LL18 6EB

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