A Peom of Visions

As the sun rises in an Eastern sky
Over Mountains distant yet clear to my eye
The warmth I feel upon me now
As I come alive- inside as if my love was near
And then I sigh the deep long sigh which rises like the sun I fear
The powerful sun that dries the streams burns the earth and moves the tide
As a woman may dry your tears, fire your heart and swell your soul inside
Like a trusting heart in the course of life
The suns rays cast forth a light
To horizons North and South I say! No light to give tomorrow with today
To the wide world you give no visions a new
When I close my eyes all I see is you
My footsteps in the moss lingered only a short while
As no trace be found of my sweethearts smile
All nature seems in a mystic dream as the moonlight shadows grow
I lay my head onto the earth’s soft pillow
For her voice to whisper, no is only the wind in the willow
I look heaven bound to the high cold stars
Searching for the one that once was ours
I’m dreaming, I laughed unto myself and thought. This time will pass away
Like the sun my youth my fears my childhood play
This time is past but pray this earthly light I see before me now where the sunbeam casts its glow.
Upon my soul I see her clear- I know
My love my life the outside earth is cold
Search deep your soul cast forth the old knowing that when daylight fades the sun has set
Is your heart still warm an ember yet?
I wish for you upon a star for happiness Ile give although from afar
My heart is yours my eyes my strength can see
Our sun has set on what was then but I can of stronger faith to be of how and what a man can see
Mine eyes are bright I love only thee
A chance a life to share to morrow a vow we must make to have no sorrow
To find a fresh our fairy circle anew
Return as one to our earthly flesh and ride the path ghosts fear to tread no shadows only sunlight our hearts will find
We’ll ride that rainbow through our minds


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