I specialize in building a fellowship between the horse and its owner, often a horse thinks one thing and its rider another.  When you have an objective in your life it will turn out to be better or worse depending on the route you choose to reach it and the way you negotiate that route. I aim to …

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The Act of Creating Yourself

I cannot conceal my most common topic perhaps is about horses – as far as much discussion and writing can make of it, a sort of common topic for people who have a horse is to talk horse, drive muddy vehicles, baler twine in our pockets and remnants of horse feed and hay amongst our …

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A Peom of Visions

As the sun rises in an Eastern sky Over Mountains distant yet clear to my eyeThe warmth I feel upon me nowAs I come alive- inside as if my love was nearAnd then I sigh the deep long sigh which rises like the sun I fearThe powerful sun that dries the streams burns the earth …

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Like all other animals the horse is composed of a mind which sets the machine in motion. People who have a degree of confidence and have horses usually give little importance to the mind. But the mind is most important as to command the body machine, we must first command the mind. Things a horse …

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